Use Case Driven methodology and Projectathon

Four courses are available:

A.  Fondation Course: NEHIF Course is dedicated to decision makers, projects managers, architects and project team from user organisations;

B. Vendor Course: Introductory to the use case driven methodology course is dedicated to vendors.

C. Development  Course: This course describes in detail how to implement profiles and standards in the project specifications. it is completed with an introduction to specifications and testing tools.

D. Projectathon Course: this course supports vendors to prepare their projectathon and provides all necessary information for using the testing platform Gazelle and the rocket chat during the Projectathon.

The training is split on sessions and for each of them, the session contains:

1. A video where a teacher will present the content of the session;

2. The presentation that you can review later on

3. A QUIZ to check your understanding.

A. NEHIF Fondation Course

The training is split on height sessions or courses (1 to 8) to be followed sequentially. Only the first one can be followed independently but no later than the session 4.

Start by the video and use the presentation asynchronously and do not forget to perform the QUIZ. It is mandatory. 

The session 9 is dedicated to the hands on with a case study. You are encouraged to join a group of 6 to 15 members to work on the case study. One of you will be designated as the moderator. 

A session on Questions/Answers is planned to answer to your questions. You can also use the Moodle facility to ask questions to the teacher.

At the end, a session with the presentation of the case study is planned mid-July 2020: each group will present its own project to the other groups. The teacher will moderate the discussion.

B. Introduction to the use case driven methodology

This course is a more shorter course and provides the same content of the previous course without exercises.

C. NEHIF Training - Development of interoperability specifications

This is divided on 16 sessions and starts with an introduction on IHE and the use case driven methodology. The next sessions explains how to derive the use cases onto the interoperability specifications using IHE profiles and standards. A presentation of the development tools such as ART-DECOR, GitHub; FHIR IG are also presented as well as testing tools.

D. NEHIF training  - Projectathon support

Six sessions supports vendors and monitors in their testing activities during a Projectathon. Starting by the registration, it provides information on how to use the Gazelle platform and testing tools as well as the Rocket chat that allows exchanges between vendors and monitors. The last session is dedicated to the monitors who are validating the tests during the Projectathon.


Enjoy your courses and sessions !

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